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Um...Making Sense of THIS?!

I keep a pocket calender next to my bed. At the suggestion of a pervious doctor, I keep all infomation related to my cycles in it. When I used to temp, I would log my readings in there as well as whenever I got my period. It's basically written in code- if the date is circled, I had my period. If there is a star on the date we had sex, if there is a letter on the bottom right it describes my cervial fluid for the day. Basically, it's super important info.

So last night, I was looking through it to see exactly how many times I have ovulated since starting on this journey. To my shock, it was worse than I thought! I knew I had ovulated three times, but what I did not realize was the first time I ovulated, I got my period three days later. So basically that was a pointless release of an egg!

So here is the history of my cycles, just to give you an idea of how truly BIZARRE they are! If you can make any sense of this, you deserve a medal. Red= period, Purple= ovulated

*Novemeber 2010: Went of all forms of birth control

*February 2011: Called my OBGYN as I had not had a period since going off of BC. She had me come in for some blood work and perscribed me Medroxy Progesterone which started my period.

*February 26th-March 2nd= 1st period!

*March 10th-March 19th= 2nd period (and yes, those dates are correct!)

*April 7th= Ovulated for the first time! Lots of stretchy cervical fluid.

*April 8th= Had a pap test, all looked well.

*April 10th-April 22nd= 3rd period, and yes it lasted that long!

*April 28th-May 4th= 4th period. This one was HORRIBLE. I thought I was going to die. Super heavy and painful. Like nothing I have ever had before. 

*May 3rd= Saw my OBGYN due to how horrible my period was. She said it was just a bad one, but that nothing could be seriously wrong. That appointment was a waste of time and money.

*May 15th-May 18th= What do you know, I have my period AGAIN! Period number 5.

*June 2nd-June 6th= Period #6.

*June 16th= Ovulated for the second time. Lots of stretchy cervical fluid and BBT match up perfectly for the first time since February. They support the idea that I ovulated. 

*June 26th-June 30th= Period #7.

*June 23rd-June 27th= Period #8. 

*August 4th= Ovulated! Stretchy CF and a poisitive on an OPK.

*August 16th-August 22nd= Period #9.

*September 5th-September 10th= Period #10. 

As a side note, here are my cycle lengths:13, 32, 19, 18, 19, 18, 25, 28, 25, 21.

1) I have had 10 periods in a total of 8 months.
2) I have ovulated 3 times in a total of 8 months.
3) There is no predictability to when my period might come again- it has a mind of it's own!
4) I think I need Clomid

I am going to bring my little calendar to my doctor's appointment on the 21st and let her see how crazy my periods have been and how little I actually ovulate. Hopefully she can help!


  1. It's good you're keeping track! I'm not a doctor (though I like to pretend I'm one on google), but I think you may need progesterone suppositories after ovulation. Looks like you may have a luteal phase issue.
    Hopefully the doc will set a clear plan in place. I'm sure that will make you feel a heckuva lot better!

  2. Thank you for the comment and for the good idea! I know my cycles are way too short, so that's definitely something to consider. I do not know much about progesterone suppositories... looks like I will be doing some massive researching! It would also helped if I ovulated monthly. Heck, at this point I would even be happy with every other month!