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Two Steps Forward, Five Steps Back

The title of this post is how I feel today.  It also sums up the past 10 months of TTC pretty accurately.

I woke up to my period.

I have a few things to be annoyed about in regards to this:

1) I got my period on day 20 of my cycle. This means that 20 days ago, I had a period. This is WAY too close together and obviously would piss anyone off. Who wants a period that close together?!
2) I have been using OPKs this past cycle and did not get a positive one on any day and I tried for over a week straight. I would pee on them twice each day (you know, so I don't miss my surge or anything) and still- no positive. Trying to be optimistic, I thought maybe I would just ovulate late this cycle- well clearly that is not the case.
3) Getting my period today confirms that I did not ovulate AT ALL this cycle. I had been ovulating for the past three months, and now nothing.  Great, just great.
4) Also over the past three months, I had been lengthening my cycle- previously I had a 24 day cycle, a 28 day cycle, a 25 day cycle, and now a 20 day cycle.... clearly this is a step back!

Well, this concludes without a doubt that I need to go in for blood work. I have been thinking of getting blood work done for awhile now, but I had been making decent progress for the past three months (I had been O'ing and lengthening my cycles) and I was thinking I would give it a few more months until we reached the 1-year mark. I had blood work done in February 2011 and it checked out totally fine. I would be shocked if it checked out totally fine again! I called two different doctor's offices today to see if I could get in to one of them this week, but both were closed for Labor Day. I will try tomorrow morning. At this stage of the game, I feel that there is a severe hormonal imbalance that is messing with me and I need it fixed for my own sanity.

My DH called me from work today and I told him that I had gotten my period. His first response was, "What? So you didn't ovulate this month?" Gosh, I love him. For all the times I talk about weird things going on with my body in relation to us getting pregnant, he totally gets it, and can see the big picture of what getting my period today meant. He is in full support of me going in for blood work, and hopefully we can get some answers and some great meds to help sort this out.

My priorities at this point:

1) To just not have my period so frequently... really, is that so much to ask?!
2) To ovulate each month.
3) To have at least 10 days if not more in my Luteal Phase.

If all of those things could happen, it would be a miracle!! I am so eager to make an appointment for blood work! Is it tomorrow yet??


  1. its okay! your body will adjust just takes some time. Keep being optomistic!!! it will help keep you sane ;)

  2. I know- I'm trying to stay optimistic, really I am. Hence the blood work! I just don't know how much time is "normal". I mean, this is 10 months of no patterns what-so-ever. I think I need meds!