Follow along the crazy path that my husband and I never expected to take while trying to conceive our first baby.


First One To Admit I'm Crazy

I came across a list while browsing the Internet today for TTC websites (sadly this has become a hobby of mine) that explains all the crazy signs of TTC couples. This list was too good not to share, and sadly, INCREDIBLY accurate of my situation! I am almost embarrassed to admit that this list describes me perfectly, but you know what... this whole TTC business totally makes me crazy! I have added in a few of my personal crazy things. Enjoy!

You know you're TTC when...
- You show everyone who will look at your BBT charts and frequently try to analyze them. You always have a reason why they look all crazy and make no sense ("oooh, that there is a possibly implantation dip" or "yeah, I didn't sleep well that night, so that weird line must be wrong!")

-Clearly that's not my period- oh my gosh, I think it's implantation bleeding! It's a sad moment when you realize you need more than just a pantyliner!
 -You spend HOURS looking at TTC websites. Hours.
- The Big 'O' no longer refers to orgasm, but instead to ovulation
- Every twinge is a potential sign: ovulation pain OR perhaps implantation

- It no longer strikes you as the least bit odd to check out at Target with both HPTs and tampons in your cart.
-You know every early pregnancy sign there is. And funny enough, you have almost all of them during the 2ww!

- If your OPK comes up +, you cancel all social engagements that night so you can BD & lie with your legs elevated and butt up in the air afterward. You basically obsess over when you will be able to DTD

- You talk using mysterious acronyms that only your TTC buddies understand: TTC, BD, EWCM, BBT, DH, 2WW...

- You suddenly become more of a morning person because you know that you will be able to take your temperature. Who knows, it may show that you ovulated or implanted!

- You refuse to finish decorating that 3rd bedroom in your new home because you can't stand the thought of getting it just the way you want it only to have to tear it apart next month in order to make room for the nursery you'll be needing.

- When planning a vacation you have to think how far along you might be by then, because of course you'll be pregnant by that time!

- You actually look through the weekly ads that come in the mail to see if there are any coupons for OPKs or HPTs that you can cut out. 

- You're so excited to go to the doctor hoping they will give you something to help you get pregnant!

- You spend more on OPKs, HPTs, and fertility supplements than you do on clothes

- A wonderful thing about getting your period means you can Google when your baby will be born should you get pregnant that cycle.

-You take OPKs out of the garbage can hours later because you might have misread them. The more you think about it, it could have been a positive!

-You order special lube online that is safe for TTC couples and may even help carry the sperm to the egg. Doesn't matter that it costs over $20 for a teeny tiny tube. 

-The thought of nausea makes your heart skip a beat!

- You make a mental note of what day of your cycle it is before you say "ok" to a drink

- You get sick but make sure you can take the medicine in case you are pregnant...and would rather stay sick if you can't take the medicine.

- You refer (and think) of your husband, not as his real name, but as the letters "DH" in real life

-You totally know how you're going to design a nursery for either a boy or girl.

-At any given day you know what cycle day you're on.

- You would totally love to have multiples! The idea of triplets suddenly doesn't seem so bad and of course it would work out perfectly.

-You actually bought a gift to give to your husband to tell him you're pregnant. Who cares if it's been sitting in a hiding spot for a looooong time.

- You suffer silently from Infertility Vision (IV) - defined as the ability to see pink lines that nobody else can see. It's a very common condition among POASers during the days leading up to the official test day. Research is still being done, but at present there is no cure for it!

 I am totally willing to admit that I am crazy. At least I can have fun with it!

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