Follow along the crazy path that my husband and I never expected to take while trying to conceive our first baby.



You quickly learn while trying to conceive (TTC) that there are billions and billions of abbreviations used. I feel pro at knowing what they mean by now, partly due to how many hours I have spent reading other people's blogs and message boards. For those of you are not so familiar, I have posted some of the ones I may be using below:

2WW–two week wait (post ovulation until beta)
AF–aunt flo (your period)
BBT–basal body temperature
BCP–birth control pills
BD–baby dancing (having sex)
BFN–big fat negative (sadly I am really familiar with this term!)
BFP–big fat positive (I would like to be able to use this one...)
CD–cycle day
CM–cervical mucous
DH–dear husband
DPO–days past ovulation
EWCM–egg white cervical mucous
FRED or FRER–first response early detection (peestick)
HPT–home pregnancy test (also called a peestick)
LMP–last menstrual period
LP–luteal phase
O–ovulate (or O’ing)
OPK–ovulation predictor kit
TTC–trying to conceive

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