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Bad News Turns Into Great News!

My doctor's office called me back yesterday letting me know that Dr. R had reviewed my records and that she was referring me to an infertility speciailits at an OB/GYN office that partners with her family practice. I was thrilled to hear that I was finally being referred to someone who could actually perscribe me something or at the very least give me appropriate next steps. I'm all about being proactive to get my body to ovulate and FINALLY I feel like I am headed in the right direction.

So I immediately called over to the OB/GYN office and planned to schedule an appointment with the specialist. The receptionist told me that the clinic has 2 infertility specialists and that they were both a bit booked out. I told her that was fine, I just wanted the soonest available appointment. After a few moments, the receptionist told me that the earliest I could get in would be January 18th, 2012! I thought she was kidding!! She then told me that the other doctor was booked out through March, so that January wasn't that bad!! Um, but January is a third of a year away! I thought I was going to cry, and if I were not at work, I probably would have.  I told her I would take the appointment and that if anything opened up sooner, I would totally take it. She told me that that list was long too (of course it is!) But seriously, January was a ridiculous time frame, and I refuse to wait 4 months after I've already waited a year. Plus, both doctor's were male, which I don't like. I do not think I would feel comfortable with a man staring at my vagina should he need to see it! However, I feel desperate at this point to see SOMEONE, so who cares that he's male. I can't always get my way.

After venting like crazy last night and all this morning to my husband and my wonderful friend, I decided that January would not do, and I would find someone else who could get me in sooner, even if it meant calling around all day.

So this morning, I started by calling my old OB/GYN office in the city I used to live in to see if they knew of anyone else that I could see, even if it meant driving back up to where I used to live. The nurse I spoke with could not beleive that I could not get in until January and said she has never heard of that! (So I guess it wasn't just me being impatient- it was a ridiculous amount of time to wait!) She was so sweet and so helpful and gave me the names of a bunch of people who I could call, including one that is in my county. Gosh, I love that nurse!

After hanging up with her, I called to see what the wait list would like for the place closest to my new home. The receptionist there was so nice too and told me that it was a bit of a wait also, but not anywhere close to January. I was thinking maybe November-ish. She asked if I prefered a male or female doctor, (already I loved this place since they asked my preference) so I told her a female, unles the wait was significantly longer. She told me that the wait was a little bit longer, and that I could not be seen until October 12th, 2011. I almost died!! That's 2 weeks away -2 WEEKS!!- opposed to 4 whole months and with a female doctor!! I was overjoyed. The visit will be a consultation visit and last for an hour. The nurse said that I should call my insurance company to see what they cover as the first appointment is $350, and if my insurance won't cover it, I will need to pay at the time of my visit.

So then I called my insurance company. I was told that they will cover all testing for diagnosis of infertility, but not treatments (what the heck- this makes no sense to me, but ok!). I'm just grateful they cover some of the process! Because I believe that I simply have a problem ovulating and that my cycles are too short (which meds can fix), I'm not too worried about the expense at this point. It's nice to know that my consultation visit is completely covered.

Oh man, I cannot wait until October 12th! I am hoping to actually get the wheels in motion and start releasing some eggs- hopefully I can start ovulating more than three times a year! That's my goal at this point.

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