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If I Hear This One More Time...

I have compiled a list of phrases that if I hear any one of them even one more time, I might seriously snap.

1) Don't stress.
Oddly enough, everyone who says this has a child already. Do you really think I want to be stressed about it, or that I am choosing to be?

2) You're still young.
I almost slapped my old OB/GYN in the face for repeatedly saying this to me. While she sat there with her cute pregnant belly and she was young too. My husband has had his head chewed off a few times for saying this same line to me. Do you think that I do not know that I am young? Thank you for pointing out the obvious! Age aside, I am still struggling with getting pregnant. I would like to be treated as someone struggling with infertility and feel that my concerns are heard.

3) When are you guys having kids?
To the innocent people who do not know that we have been trying, I am completely fine with this question. My hubby and I usually respond with something vague, such as "sooner than later" or "within the next few years." However, to the people who ask me this on a regular basis, back off. It's annoying as hell and guess what- my answer hasn't changed!

4) When are you going to have our grandkids?
Thankfully, this question has never come out of the mouths of my parents, only my in-laws. Like I said in my previous post, I know that they are good intentioned and are just excited for us. However, this question occurs sooo often. And the answer is ALWAYS the same! I constantly tell them that the second we find out that we are pregnant, they will know for sure! It's almost like they think we won't tell them or something?! Who knows. I just know it's annoying. 

5) I cannot beleive how fast we got pregnant!
This just creates jealousy. Must be nice! I am truely excited for friend's of mine who had quick conceptions, don't get me wrong. I just wish that were my case!

6) You need to wait a full year.
I have issues with not ovulating and getting my periods really close together. Who cares how long I wait... it is yet to get any better after 10 months. I understand that people's body can change over the course of a year, but I wish some doctors would have at least addressed my concerns. Instead, I have felt that they don't even want to hear anything until it has been a year.

Just had to get that out. These phrases make me feel so defensive. I know that people say them with good intentions, but it still makes it hard to hear and hard to respond to. So if you say one of these to me, please be understanding if I snap back at you.

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