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Latest Step to Getting Some Answers!

I made an appointment with a local Family Doctor to get my blood tested to figure out what the heck is going on... it will be a good starting point anyways. My appointment will be on Wednesday the 21st as soon as they open. I went with a family doctor because they could get me in sooner and because the doctor is a female- something that is really important to me. Plus, it's close by and having just relocated to a new town, convience is key for me.

Back in February I had my blood tested for prolactin and thyroid, all of which came back regular. I'm betting money there is some hormonal thing going on- it is not normal to ovulate only three times in a ten month span nor is it normal to get your period as often as I do. So hopefully come two weeks from today I can find some answers.

I am okay with not getting pregnant right away as long as I feel that I tried all I could try for that month. I will make sure to let you know what the results say!

On a side note, if I were to get pregnant this cycle, our baby would be due around 6-12-12. I have this crazy fascination with typing in the first day of my period into my favorite pregnancy due date calculator ...totally crazy I know, but it is the one good thing I can do in regards to getting my period. Plus, like I said in my first post- I am starting this blog because I know I am crazy about TTC... I am completely aware. And besides, you never know... this could be our month!

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