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Relaxing Sunday

Basically it was relaxing becase I still DO NOT HAVE MY PERIOD! This cycle is awesome. Even if I did not ovulate (according to millions of OPKs I used throughout September of which not one was positive), I am having a normal-length cycle. I am on cycle day 28 now!

Gosh, if this keeps up, I might turn all crazy and start peeing on pregnancy tests :) I don't feel like I am going to get my period anytime soon, but I also do not feel that I am pregnant either. I am 99.9% sure that I did not ovulate all of September, so maybe my body is just realizing that having short cycles is not doing any good. I did not have any EWCM or a positive OPK.

I am enjoying celebrating the small things :) 28 days sounds great to me!


  1. Adding another comment, I never get positive opk's but I do ovulate. We just don't jive together. Though one time I got one that either was, or was pretty darn close, and I didn't ovulate for another 20 days or so after that.

  2. Thank you for your comment!

    You know that's so interesting- I have heard of people who never get a positive on those things! Maybe I am one of them?! Every time I know I have ovulated (BBTing and close observation), I also have had EWCM. This month, I didn't have any, further making me think I didn't ovulate. This long cycle is just so weird to me... not used to it at all!

  3. I haven't gotten any either but when I first got off bcp I didn't for a couple of months, and I had my cp the first one, so I definitely ovulated. Since being on metformin maybe my hormones are back to "normal" and I'm just not an estrogen-y type of girl.

  4. Interesting. Well through my experiences, my body changes weirdly- so hey, you may just turn into an estrogen-y type of girl :) It's so hard when you Google things on the internet like "pregnant with no EWCM" or "negative OPK but still pregnant" and you read tons of stories about people who experienced that and still got pregnant. It's a good reminder to not lose hope, however it drives me crazy!!