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Lost track of the days it has been since the start of my last period. I think it's day 32. Making my period officially one week late from the "usual/average" 25 day cycles I always have. 32 is still within a normal range, so who knows- it's not a huge concern yet! I've been thinking hard about if I actually ovulated and missed it, and my gut feeling tells me that no, I didn't miss it- it didn't happen. I didn't have a single sign of ovulation and now I don't really have any signs of pregnancy. I could think of some (I had a headache two days ago, I seem hungrier than usual, my stomach was upset all day yesterday) but in reality, none of my syptoms are strictly pregnancy symptoms and could be attributed to a number of things. My boobs don't hurt one bit.

I came home from work yesterday and decided to take a test. I know it wasn't first morning's pee, but I thought, what the heck. When I ordered PreSeed, it came with two pregnancy test strips. I hate those. I like the ones you can pee directly onto- so much easier! But I figured I would use up the last one I had and so I peed into a cup and dipped the stick in there. It was a definate no. And I wasn't surprised at all. I don't feel pregnant. I feel totally normal. Yes, I know that some people feel totally normal and some people get negative OPKs even though they end up pregnant- but for me to actually be pregnant would mean that all of those uncommon things would have had to line up perfcectly.

I'm very realistic, and my chances of being pregnant are slim. I know that and I am okay with that. What I am not okay with, is that my period is a no show. Come on, I was doing so well getting it each month whether I ovulated or not, and now nothing! I'm hoping it just shows up soon so that we can get on to the next round of trying.

I have my appointment with an RE next Wednesday so hopefully she can shed some light on what is going on and how to fix it. I was hoping she could just fix my not-ovulating problem, but now I am hoping she will fix my MIA period as well should I still not have it by then. I have a lot of hopes for this appointment, so I hope I don't end up disappointed. I've been needing help for so long now and no one has been able to actually solve anything, let alone draw some blood. Now that it's been 11 months, I hope they will take me a bit more seriously and get some testing going. Ah, I can't wait for Wednesday :)

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