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Quarter of a Century

So yesterday I turned 25- a whole quarter of a century! I had such a fantastic day and I feel so so so optimistic about the upcoming year! I can't wait to see what is in store. Funny to think at this exact time last year I was thinking I would be pregnant by now- funny how life is not always what you expect. But as I said, I feel the most optimistic I have felt in the last year, and I am grateful and excited for that!

I have taken Femera for 3 full days now- today will be the 4th. And I am so happy to report that I have not had anymore headaches with it, so I am thinking it must have been a fluke. THANK GOD! This time around I am making sure to eat something when I take the pill- maybe that's what cause the horrific headache on day one? Who knows! But absolutely no side effects since day one, which is awesome!

I called my nurse to see about taking medicince with Femera, just to be on the safe side. She said that it is no problem at all, but once you have your IUI you need to only take Tylenol. I was like, "Um, what, I am having an IUI? I don't think I scheduled that!" My husband's sperm hasn't even been tested yet (that will be next month if this month is not successful). The nurse realized she made a mistake and that I was just coming in for an ultrasound.

Buuuuut, it got my husband and I thinking- would IUI be so bad? Maybe that would be a wonderful route to go to stop all the "trying" each month and just get the sperm to the egg in a quick and easy manner. Of course, that is more money. We decided that if this month is not successful, and his sperm analysis comes back with concerns, we will do that route for sure. Otherwise, we'll give it a few more shots.

I also have been to about 20 Targets in my area (ok, more like 3, but still). I love their OPKs because you can pee on them, and they are pretty cheap- like $13 for a week supply. So yesterday I finally found some and stocked up. Let the testing begin next Wednesday is the day!

This period has also been pretty awesome- minus the horrible cramping and headache for day one and two. Other than that, it's as light as can be and I almost forget I have it. A nice surprise considering I skipped all of last month's!

Theme of this cycle is optimistic, thankfulness, and hope! 

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