Follow along the crazy path that my husband and I never expected to take while trying to conceive our first baby.


Ok- Starting to go nuts!

So I am on cycle day 30! Yes, 30! This is a record. I should get a medal for this! Typically I have 25 day cycles at the most, so 30 is a huge accomplishment. HUGE! I can't seem to get this number out of my head and it makes me think a few things:

1) Um, did my body forget to have a period this month? If so, this could be the biggest setback of all time as I have had periods monthly (if not more than once a month) since February. The chances of this are slim. However, my body does do some strange things, so I'm not totally throwing this idea out.

2) OMG, am I pregnant?! Of course this has crossed my mind!! However, I am 99% sure I did not ovulate at all this month. I have gotten all negative OPKs (and they are clearly negative, the second line has been significantly lighter than the test line- there's no question the tests were negative). However, I know some people use OPKs, get negatives, and end up pregnant. Also, I did not have any EWCM which I have clearly had all three times I have ovulated in the past year. This leads me to beleive I did not ovulate at all. Buuut, I'm not throwing this idea completely out.

3) Wait, is it possible I ovulated later in my cycle?! I did not use OPKs later in my cycle. I tested during what should be my fertile window, received all negatives, and stopped testing as I expected my period. I did not have EWCM, but what if I ovulated later in my cycle without EWCM. Is it even possible to ovulate without EWCM?? Could this result in a late period?

4) Oh great, this period will be one for the records. If I haven't gotten it yet, I am slightly scared that when I do get it, it will be a whole-tampon-box-and-500-pads-kind-of-period. You know, where it's so heavy you find yourself in the tampon isle multiple times during your period? I am praying so so so hard that if I do get my period, it isn't too awful. Doesn't help that everyday when my hubby and I discuss if I've gotten my period yet (and yes, we discuss this daily!) he reminds me that if it does come, it will probably be really bad (wow, he knows my body pretty well!). Historically, when it's ever slightly off, it's BAD!

Ok, so why don't I just take a HPT and rule out idea #2? Well because I truly don't feel pregnant and I don't want to see a negative. I figure I will give it a few more days and test on either Friday or Saturday if I still do not have my period. If I've learned anything over the past year of TTC it is that my body has it's own agenda and does things completely unexpected. Historically, every time I have peed on a HPT, I have gotten my period the same day, and I don't want that to be the case. I have Thursday-Sunday off from work this week, so I figure if I can get through my last day of work tomorrow and then test on Thursday or Friday should my period still be MIA, I won't be thinking of the result while at work- whether a negative or a positive.

So now I go back to the waiting game...

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