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The 2WW and I Do Not Get Along

I am so incredibly inpatient. This TTC thing for over a year now is so not my thing, and each month having to go through the 2WW is absolutely torturous! This one especially is horrific as I feel so hopeful for this month, I just wish I could speed up time!

So I am currently 10dpo today and I feel like I may go CRAZY! Being on Progesterone suppositories makes my body act like it is in PMS-mode. It can result in tiredness, mood swings, sore breasts, sore back... basically every pregnancy symptom is mimicked through Proegesterone. Awesome- makes me really over-over analyze each symptom now! (Is this a possible early pregnancy sign? Is this a Progesterone only sign? Could it be both?......).

I have been exhausted beyond belief. For the past four days (I started Progesterone 3 days ago) I honestly feel that I could go to bed at 6pm, and sleep in until noon. I am beat. I can hardly stay awake at work and during my 40 minute communte I feel as though I miught fall asleep. I'm so tired it's to the point I feel that I may have the flu. Even now sitting here typing this, I can barely hold my head up and I have a huge hand print on my face from holding my cheek up.

My back is also killlling me. It hurts so bad that I am considering getting a massage, something I have never done nor ever wanted to do (other people touching me is so not my thing). But everyday, it aches and aches. I can't stand it!

I also keep having dull pains that last a few seconds where my right and left ovary would be. They come and go and are nothing severe, but I have had these since ovulation. Because I spend hours researching early pregnancy symptoms, this leads me to believe something is going on in there.

I also have cold-like symptoms, another early pregnancy sign. My nose gets stuffed up out of nowhere and it will just start running for no reason. Today my eyes just started watering out of nowhere and haven't since! So weird.

My boobs are tender, but I kind of attribute that one for sure to the Progesterone as I only had sore boobs once I started taking it.

Deep down, my gut is telling me I am not pregnant this time. However, I am having signs that I have never had before, and I have seen so many negative tests over the past year, that I feel they are kind of embedded in my brain. I do feel hopeful for this month and feel that I actually have a fair shot at this month! I know everything worked right right up until the sperm met the egg- hopefully that worked perfectly!

I am doing my best to hold out until the 21st to test as it will be 14dpo. Ugh, I don't know what to do with myself until then! I would love to bnever take Femara again, never see my RE again (although I love that place so much I wiash I could go there for every medical iussue). Plus, I would LOVE my baby to be due on July 30th. I want a summer baby so badly.

Time will tell.... Now back to looking at TTC blogs, community boards, and other things on the internet.

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